Cawston Press Ginger Beer Cans 24 x 330ml

  • £19.90

Product Description

  • MAKING FIZZY GOOD AGAIN – We miss the day when a fizzy drink meant a baking hot day, time off and time out. We want some of that back so put it in a can without the sugar that gave ‘fizzy’ a bad name

  • MADE FROM PRESSED JUICE – Our ginger beer is made with pressed apple juice, sparkling water and ginger extracts. We never used concentrates.

  • 89 CALORIES PER CAN – No sugar, sweeteners or artificial colours or preservatives. All the sweetness comes from the pressed fruit.

  • OUR CANS ARE FULLY RECYCLABLE - All our cans, cartons, plastic caps and straws are made from recyclable materials.

  • WE PRESS ALL SHAPES AND SIZES - The only test our ingredients have to pass is a taste test. We don’t care if it’s too big or wonky. All that matters is that we’re making the best tasting drinks we can


Pressed apple juice 59%, sparkling water, ginger extracts, antioxidant: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Nutritional Information

See image.