Fermipan Dried "Fast Acting" Yeast 500g

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Fermipan is the Bread Baking industrys No 1 Brand for dried yeast. Vacuum sealed for maximin freshness. This is the perfect yeast for quickly and easily making bread or pizza doughs and is also suitable for use in bread making machines. Instant yeast rapidly rehydrates in water or when added directly into a dough, so is a quick and easy to use form of yeast.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for quick breadmaking
  • No need to dissolve
  • No refridgeration required
  • Reliable high quality
  • Excellent bread aroma
  • High fermentation power
Fermipan yeast has extremely high fermentation power, which makes it a particularly good choice for lean doughs with low sugar content (up to a maximum of 10%). This yeast is often praised for the flavour and aroma it gives bread, which is less ‘yeasty’ than some other dry mixes.
Natural yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), rehydrating agent (E491)