Four Little Pigs - Sliced Hilltop Honey Roasted Gammon Ham 250g

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Four Little Pigs - Wiltshire Cured & Cooked

All of the Wiltshire Cured Gammons use to produce our Ham is locally sourced from Sandridge Farm, Bromham, Wiltshire. It's then cooked, sliced and packed just six miles away from source.

Hilltop Honey Roasted Gammon Ham 250g

The Four Little Pigs are rebels just like their Dad's. All four of them respect and love the tradition past down by their father's. However, like all little piglets these four love being naughty and the breaking rules, think of them as the animal equivalent to the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin or the Sex Pigstols. Pig Punk culture is here, the revolution has begun!!

Every slice of Four Little Pig's ham is made from Free Range Pigs who were born and raised here in Wiltshire. What makes it even more special is that the curing, cooking and slicing of the ham is also done here.


Free Range British Pork, salt, nitrites, honey, golden syrup, orange juice, demerara sugar, spice mix

This product does not contain any of the FSA standard 14 allergens