FWP Matthews Canadian Strong White Flour 1.5kg

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  • £2.50

Canadian Wheat is regarded as one of if not the best Wheat to produce flour from. Strong Flour has a percentage range of around 10% - 15% protein. The higher the protein content the stronger the flour will be. For example ciabatta flour has around 14% - 15% + protein. Canada isn't just great at making Maple Syrup, its amazing at producing some of the worlds finest wheat.


Matthews Canadian Great White flour is a premium strength white flour milled from quality imported Canadian wheat. The flour produces a strong flexible dough down to the natural strength in the Canadian wheat proteins.

Perfect for: Boosting your bread making recipes, and sourdough.

Delivers: Very strong bread flour due to natural high protein level in wheat.
Traditional roller milling

Provenance & Milling: Premium imported Canadian wheat, roller milled in the Cotswolds.

Protein: 14%+

Perfect for: Bread, rolls, sourdough

Contains: Canadian wheat

Recipe Recommendation: Ideal for a high protein loaf suitable for long fermentation breads. Mix with Eight Grain for a strong multi grain loaf or use with a Rye flour recipe.