Westaway Frozen Sausages - Heritage Pork 8's IQF 1 x 80

  • £16.95

Product Description

Heritage Pork Sausages

Flavoured with cracked black pepper and English sage, delicious for breakfast.

**If you are wondering what the term "IQF" stands for, read this and you'll find out!**

IQF = Individually Quick Frozen

What does that mean???

It is totally understandable for any person to still be none the wiser after the un abbreviated definition. The way I like to describe IQF is like this. When you see a BOGOF for sausages, instead of buying one pack you inevitably end with four. You won't be able to eat all four packs before they go out of date, therefore you freeze two, maybe three packs. When frozen all of the sausages stick together which means that when you want to get them out you have to defrost the whole pack. This is why IQF sausages are so good, as they are all individually frozen, therefore you can remove, one, two or as many sausages as you need when you want them. This is why our Westaway sausages are such a good product, not only for catering but home use too.